Trenze is an all new transport, payment and daily essential service aggregator and we’re the first to introduce it in Malaysia. By having the aggregator facilities, consumer can compare price and pick the best choice instantly. Trenze has eliminated the traditional concept of switching different mobile apps to view for different availability of drivers or taxis during the peak hours. Consumer is also able to make payment via 16 types of payment options inside the app such as Visa, Mastercard, FPX, Touch N Go, BoostPay, BigPay, AliPay, UnionPay, WeChat Pay, Vcash, NETS and so on.
We will consistently ensure that all our ride fares will be as competitive and affordable as possible. Trenze strive to be one of the leading “Digital Ecosystem” platform across the globe in the coming days. We’re doing our best to be global presence starting from ASEAN market in the initial stage.


SHOPEERA is an e-commerce marketplace made available in few major ASEAN countries soon with the help of ASEAN CO-OPERATIVE ORGANIZATION (ACO), ANGKASA, Malindo Air, DEKOPIN (Indonesia) and MUHAMMADIYAH (Indonesia). It’s also an ASEAN online marketplace for both buyers and sellers to trade and guaranteed with safe transactions. What our merchants can expect is a huge number of ready users to enjoy special discount, reward points and rebate for purchasing their desired products inside the e-mall.
We ensure that our efforts will be able to benefits all retain-chain businesses in this entire region by increasing their monthly sales revenue and it’s also a perfect cross-referencing concept for all merchants to utilise on each other’s customers in different region. We are offering a new “Referral Programme” to all our general users soon and everyone is enable to earn some extra income by introducing friends and family members to join Shopeera.