SHOPEERA is a Singapore based e-commerce marketplace made available in 13 major countries in the entire ASEAN including China, Japan and Korea with the help of ASEAN CO-OPERATIVE ORGANIZATION (ACO) and ANGKASA. What our merchants can expect is a huge number of member base or ready users in this e-mall and enjoy special discount, reward points and rebate for purchasing their desired products inside the e-mall. SHOPERA will strive to be one of the largest multi-commerce website in the entire ASEAN region by collaborating with ASEAN CO-OPERATIVE ORGANIZATION (ACO), ANGKASA, PETRONAS and GAPEMA MALAYSIA. We ensure that our efforts will be able to benefits all retain-chain businesses in this entire region by increasing their monthly sales revenue and it’s also a perfect cross-referencing concept for all merchants to utilise on each other’s customers.


Monzter discount and point redemption portal will be available allocating space and section for merchant’s online shopping activities and to ensure that our members will be updated with the latest discounts and promotions. Monzter will be one of the most adaptable and user-friendly discount portal which offers the heart and soul of the latest promotion offered by our merchants and most convertible information around town. It also comes with a build in CMS (Content Management System) whereby merchants would be able to post their own promotion or deals into our portal and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform for merchants to track their customer’s daily activities. We ensure that our efforts will be able to benefits all retain-chain businesses in Malaysia to improve their monthly sales and at the same time offering attractive discounts to our online members.


CondoAssist is an advance, innovative and user friendly mobile application that offer condominium residents a unique interactive experience. With this mobile app, our users are able to get connected to the information and people around us. With just a few clicks, our users can get the information they want instantly, whenever they are and wherever they want it. The main objective for our existence is to provide the condo’s management team the power to responsively interact and communicate with their residents. Our users are able to access to real-time customer service via their own smartphone or mobile devices. CondoAssist is a full CMS management solution for property managers and self-managed associations. The system is designed to help make your day-to-day management easier. We enable property owners to manage one association or hundreds.